A New Beginning


I would like to welcome you all as I embark on my journey of being an author. My journey to writing started with poetry many years ago, and I had taken a long, break from writing. I gained inspiration to begin to write again from my 4-year-old daughter whose joy, creativity, and life compels me to live vibrantly.  Something in her demands it. We all have a unique purpose and no one can do what you do like you do it. My hope is not only to write great children’s books, and great poetry, but it is also to inspire someone to use what they already have to live the life they are purposed to live. What you need to succeed is already in you! So why children’s book? I have a daughter who absolutely loves books. Books inspire conversations. Why not find creative ways to have important conversations. I’m not sure where this journey will l lead but I have a great expectation not only for myself but also for you. .



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