What’s the Buzz? Discussion 1 from “The Busiest Buzz Buzz Bee”.

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Inspiration can come from anywhere. We have all been inspired by someone or something we’ve seen that moves us to action. One small action can send a ripple effect to change your world as you know it. In “The Busiest Buzz Buzz Bee” children’s book a toy plane inspired the main character. His inspiration fueled creativity and imagination. These will open the doors to endless possibilities. There are many articles online about ways you can find inspiration. Recently I found a site Inspire My Kids: http://www.inspiremykids.com. “InspireMyKids.com is a place where people can find inspiring, age-appropriate, real-life, authentic, stories, videos, books, quotes and projects to share with the children and teens in their lives to help them become the best version of themselves and make the world a better place”. Perhaps this site will inspire you in some way to pursue new opportunities you have not yet considered. Having a discussion with a child will also help you to find out what inspires them. I’ll just share with you a few ways I try to inspire my little one.

  1. When my daughter says I can’t, I say, “yes you can …You just need to learn how”.
  2. I encourage her to explore new children’s programing rather than the constant repeating episodes of her favorite ones. Trying something new can be inspiring. A conversation about trying something new can build confidence, and encourage that step to unbridled possibilities.
  3. I encourage her to declare her value by using positive self-talk. This started with one question. I asked, “Do you know what’s inside of you”. She smiled and giggled. I then said “greatness”.So, every day after that interaction I would ask the same question, and her answer is always the same. Yes, “greatness”.
  1. Play along and follow her script when playing pretend.
  2. Frame her art work and display it through our home.
  3. I tell my daughter that she inspires me. Despite their age Children need to know that their presence and actions produce greatness. It does not spontaneously occur when they are older. It also helps to be specific when talking about their greatness.

This certainly is not a complete list but it is meant to get you thinking about all the ways you inspire, and can inspire a child. Have fun seeking out new opportunities.

Suggested Classroom Activity

  • Reading or talking about kid accomplishments that have gotten media attention
  • Having them talk about their experience in trying something new
  • Talking about interests
  • Discussions about Kid causes.

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