What’s the Buzz? Discussion 4 from “The Busiest Buzz Buzz Bee”.

discussion 4


Being adventurous requires curiosity to explore and discover the unacquainted. Adventure can present as being loud, spontaneous, and can be in the wide open. It can also whisper and be hidden. Whether you’re taking a journey with your eyes and ears as you read a book, or journey with your feet as you step out to discover, your world will never be the same. The Busiest Buzz Buzz Bee had some whispers and shouts through his journey which made his journey truly memorable. It could be frightening for kids to try something new, but there can be a lot of fun hidden in a try.

In an article published by the Huffington Post, parents are given some helpful advice to help kids get past the fear of trying something new.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/donna-b-pincus-phd/kids-fear_b_1725248.html. Parents are encouraged to support their child in making baby steps.

Suggested Home and in the classroom Activities:

  • Ask your child to think of a new activity (dancing, singing, sports, etc.} they would like to try. 
  • Describe an experience of trying new foods.
  • Name a place they have never been but would like to visit.
  • Tell about a new book they have read or listened to.
  • Try something new




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