The Music In Our Lives


I fell in love with music and singing when attending the Ave Maria Girls Primary school in Castries St. Lucia. Music was incorporated into our regular schedule and it offered an opportunity for us to let our personalities shine. It was my favorite time for sure. I remembered pestering my parents to attend Sunday masses just to have the opportunity to participate in the singing at church. As I got a bit older, and we attended a full gospel church that allowed solo requests I would often ask my pastor for the opportunity to sing. It was there I learned to perfect those songs I learned in school.

Looking back, it was not so much about how I sound but rather what happened to my spirit as I sang. There was something uplifting about it. It was an unnamed something wonderful that took place, and I wanted to experience it repeatedly. It’s no surprise that I joined girls’ chorale and concert choir in high school.  When I saw that there were auditions for The Sound of Music musical all shyness dissipated and I was in line for my part in the musical. I got the role of sister Bertha and it was amazing!

My 5-year-old daughter Hannah loves music and singing just as much as I did. I’m not sure if it is just innate in her personality, or if it was an inspired thing. You see, I’m always singing and making up songs about anything. Our best times together is when we get YouTube on the television in her play room and play some songs as we dance, and have our fill with laughter. I have concluded that the music in our lives is simply wonderful and has added life to our days. You may not love music as much as we do but it’s undeniable that there are some good benefits to adding music in your life. It would serve you well to do so on a regular basis.

Here are 5 benefits I have identified 

  1. It changes the atmosphere and improves mood
  2. Stimulates creativity
  3. Helps with learning and memory. (I’ve made up songs about how to spell words etc.)
  4. Improves Confidence.
  5. Foster the ability to express and to identify feelings

In whatever way you choose and whatever genre you choose, let there be room in your heart and life for music. Regardless of how you sound have the courage to sing and play on:)

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