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fabalous fail

This past weekend was my daughter’s first dance dress rehearsal at her dance academy. I arrived on time but suddenly struck with a sinking feeling when I noticed other kids who were dressed in full costume. Ok, I’ve messed up. I did not have her dressed in costume. Sure, I can run home and grab it, but would I make it back in time. Would my daughter be all right rehearsing in regular dance attire, or was this a failure that would be replayed for years to come?  Well, I did run home to get the costume, but my efforts were futile because I did not make it back in time.  I must tell you that it hurt terribly to disappoint my child. This is a different kind of hurt altogether. However, in the process of feeling the emotion I had a sobering thought, this is one small moment that will be a memory, and what I give to it will memorialize it for both my daughter, and for myself.  I asked my daughter to forgive me and she did, and went on to enjoy the rest of her day without looking back at the incident. After taking some time for deeper reflection, I realized that there is something fabulous about having failed. It never feels good, and often does not look good. However, failure comes bearing gifts in ghastly wrapping paper. There are three gifts that I’ve identified thus far in my journey:


1. It gives you a mirror, so you can see who you are.
2. It shows you what you didn’t know about yourself had you not had that specific fail.
3. It will spring board you into an opportunity for deep character development. so, you live from a place of integrity.

There is a lot I would like to share about each of these and would like to present them individually in small digestible sizes. So, I’m going to be blogging on each in the next three weeks. I’d like you to see clearly as I what’s so fabulous about failing. We can graciously and fearlessly embrace it knowing it’s not this unmentionable thing that happens.  Most of us may have felt the shame and hurt of failure, and want to avoid or hide it. We also fear its label and repeat performance. So, we fold, and withhold ourselves from courageous living.  I can’t help but recall my first blog for the year that talked about going past feeling.

You can access it here: https://digitalbloggers.com/self-improvement/going-past-feeling-to-being.  It’s human to loathe uncomfortable feelings. Taking hold of them takes discipline and intentional, purposeful action. The story I shared was light compared to someone’s else’s experience with failure. It is certainly not a case of mind over matter. Sometimes it requires love, family, faith, and some prayer to take courage again. One thing is certain, you are not a failure if you’ve failed at anything, and you were not issued a life sentence of mental torment. You were bestowed some unpleasantly wrapped gifts, and there is priceless value added to you, and the experience you’ve been through. What’s so fabulous about failing? Stay tuned.

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