Fabulous Fail :Part II

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Fabulous Fail :Part II


In my last blog post I talked about the Fabulous Fail. You can check it out here: https://digitalbloggers.com/self-improvement/fabalous-fail. It is my perspective about failure offering three gifts that come in ghastly wrapping paper. There were three gifts identified:

1. It gives you a mirror, so you can see who you are.
2. It shows you what you didn’t know about yourself had you not had that specific fail.
3. It will spring board you into an opportunity for deep character development. so, you live from a place of integrity.

I wanted to focus on each gift separately however, in my preparation for writing this blog I found it difficult to separate them.  So, I ‘m going to link them together this week because it just makes sense. I think this is mostly because I’ve  discovered when I had an experience with failure much of what I learned about who I am was often what I didn’t know about myself, and maybe somethings I knew but was not prepared to acknowledge.  When we have an experience with failure we are given a mirror, so we can see who we are. We’ll come face to face with the good, the bad and the unpleasant. This offers a huge opportunity to become our own personal expert. Knowing who you are is a liberating and a refining experience.

I often call those difficult moments in my life the “character building moments”. Those moments when I get to see the mental, emotional, and moral qualities that are distinctive to who I am. I become familiar with my strengths, my weakness, my consistencies, and inconsistencies.  This discovery allows me to get to the root of what really matters to me, and what does not matter. Now if you have ever had a job interview you may have been asked the question. “What are some of your strengths and weaknesses”? It is equally to be acquainted with both strengths and weakness to be a champion in one’s own life.  The competition has always been personal, to refine and perfect those intangible character jewels that make us distinctively individual from another.

When you place a mirror in a room, the lighting in the room will reflect a variation of the  image being reflected. There are details you pick up in one location that you did not in another. Similarly each specific experience with failure will offer different angles to look at self. Not in a judgmental way but if engaged, in active discovery using perspective, and understanding.  How we respond to the experience of failure will also show us the condition of our hearts and the depth of our commitment. The fact that one ca become broken having failed at an attempt gives insight into how much that person cares, and how committed they are to their pursuits. Now there are moments in my life I loathe the mirror. Whether it it’s because I don’t feel well or got into a situation that wasn’t going to offer me the opportunity to see anything beautiful in the moment.  It may take a minute to take the courage necessary to look straight on. Whatever the mirror shows is not meant to introduce you to any feelings of defeat but rather an opportunity to uncover your greatness within. This takes us into Part III. Please stay tuned:).

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