Break The Cycles



I recent learned about the work being done by Jamal & Natasha Miller the founders of, a site dedicated to helping men and women establish a solid foundation for an unbreakable marriage.  They have dedicated their lives to the grand effort to reduce the divorce rate in America.  They work has been featured in BET, JET Magazine, and they have worked with countless other relationship experts. They are young but have been bestowed with wisdom beyond their years to impact the lives of all ages. It is wonderful to see their commitment and passion to serve others.

Like most of you I have faced personal struggles. I am on a mission to live authentically and use every gift, skill, and talent to offer value to the world. I do so because it is my purpose, and I desire to see others succeed in all areas of life. I would also like to succeed, and help my daughter to live an amazing life. My daughter is my inspiration and she compels me on to better. Last year was a turning point as I moved from being a mom to author, and then entrepreneur.   I have recently joined the 4 day #BreakTheCycle Challenge presented by Jamal & Natasha Miller. The purpose of the challenge is to break every cycle that is attempting to disrupt God’s plan for my life. It is not for everyone but I’m sharing because it just may be a pivotal turning point for someone. The information presented may help someone you know. So please share:

Day 1 – Break the cycles of toxic relationships

Day 2 – Break the cycles of Identity Crisis

Day 3- Break the Cycles of Poverty, Money Management, and money Worship

Day 4- Break the Cycles of Generational Patterns


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