I Believe in Things That I Cannot See

I Believe in Things That I Cannot See

I Believe in things that I cannot see

Do you have a vision for your life? I had to honestly ask myself this question and pose it to you. Knowing your purpose offers clear direction for living. To live without a vision is to wander aimlessly i the hopes of arriving at a necessary location without intention. To live aimlessly is exhausting and you waste energy on life performance. You become what, or who others say you are as you adapt to a life where you have no active participation. We can all conform depending on our beliefs, and our focused thoughts will lead us into decisions that will take us wherever we think we are headed.  Are you able to clearly state your vision for your life, and where you are headed? There is evidence to beliefs.  Committed and consistent behaviors will follow beliefs.  So, in honest self-examination we can clearly see if we truly have a vison for our lives that we are truly committed to.

I believe that vision is God given. One of my favorite songs is “I Still Believe” by Crystal Lewis. It is special to me because it offers encouragement to my heart when shifting feelings threaten what I believe.  For me, it is difficult to live without faith and believing in someone and something greater that I.  There is a realization that belief will birth or create that thing you’ve not yet realized, seen with your eyes or experienced in your life. Have you remained consistent and committed to your beliefs, or have your surrendered them when challenges present? You truly have to be committed from the heart ,and with your thoughts to be conscious of your choices. When it comes to the vision you have for your life are you:

1.  clear about who you are and what kind of life you want to live ?

2.  comitting to it inwriting ?

3.  taking the steps to accomplish it ?

There is no magic to it and it does not come effortlessly but it requires awakening. It takes work to get still and quiet enough to hear.  I would like to submit to you for thought that having vision starts with a question, and then an answer which helps you to get clear and become fully alert. We wake out of a passive state and have a conviction that defies logic. We not irrational but sober in your thoughts, and intentional in our actions. What do you really want? Who are you? Can you describe the type of live you want to live? If money was no issue what would you be doing? You’ll find the right question to get to the heart of really matters to you. As you grow into that vision prepare yourself for the shaking and challenges. It will take fortitude. It wil take being in a state of constant readiness to receive, and the commitment to labor for what you have already seen in your heart and mind, but have not yet received.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. Please let me know what resonated with you? Like and share if it has helped in any way:). Take what you need and give from your overflow.

Yonette Belinda

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