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Have you ever had the big chop?  I recently made the choice to have one after much hesitation.  After a season of immense stress, I had been hit hard with some physical manifestation of long term stress. The damage to my hair was one of the most obvious but less serious symptoms.  For some women the big chop is no big deal at all, but for some of us we struggle all the way to the last snip. As I sat in the chair and watch the transformation process my emotions were all over the place. I’ll be honest and say that I was concerned about what I would look like, and how my actions were going to be perceived. The reality was that I needed to get to a heathy state, and to do that I had to rid my head of everything that was unhealthy and began again.

A few hours after having my hair cut I went to pick up my daughter from school. I waited for her to announce that she noticed something was different. Surprisingly this did not happen immediately.  It took about 20 mins.  After picking her up we went to lunch with Grandma and grandpa. When I left her seated with them and went up to the register to change an order she hesitated to come to me. Upon my return to the table she said, “I didn’t know if you were my mom, so I didn’t come to you”. “You didn’t look like my mom”.  Well, I reassure her that I am still mommy but with a new look.

As I process the decision of the big chop, and the entire experience I looked for the wisdom to extract and to share.  I’ve gotten myself into the habit of using my life experiences to become a learning and teaching opportunity.

I realized that:

  1. It takes one decision and one choice to make a person appear unrecognizable.
  2. Shedding and separating ourselves from what is unhealthy presents the opportunity for growth.
  3. We make choices in the midst, and not based on fear to move towards transformation.
  4. What you are becoming outweighs what you look like right now.

If a decision causes you hesitation. I pray you have the courage to make a choice and step towards unimaginable growth, and presence.  Everyone will not understand your need to separate yourself from what is not life-giving and uplifting. It is just not possible to stop and explain your why behind every choice if you want to progress. Take courage for your journey.

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Yonette Belinda


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