Our Review Of The Gracie Series

Gracie Series Review

We’ve just read the last book in the Gracie Series, (that is the last one to date) by author Grace Lajoy Henderson.  We are excited to share our thoughts about the six books in the series. We are hoping that there would be more to come. So, you can already tell that we LOVED it! The Gracie Series consists of six books: Popcorn Behind the Bush, Cake in My Shoe, Water in His Face, Math on the Table, I Trimmed My Edges, and Puppy Ate My Shorts!  Each story was inspired by entertaining memories from the author’s own life. The author also created the illustrations for all her books.  My daughter Hannah is serious about reading and has some unique standards she bides by. There have been many times we’ve had to stop and pick out a new book because she was just not interested or did not connect with the story. I am not sure which is the first book in the series however, our first read was “Math on the Table”.  After reading the first book I was pleasantly surprised at how a simple story could grab our attention and focus. It was presented with humor and a youthful perspective which was refreshing.  As I looked at my daughter’s facial expressions I noticed that she was focused on the story and connected with main character. She especially enjoyed the questions that came after the stories and looked forward to hearing them.  The author Grace Lajoy Henderson brilliantly executed the discussion question to draw out the teaching points.  When you read with your child at home it will offer an opportunity to have important conversations in a light-hearted manner.

Overall it was an engaging experience and we are certain that it will keep the attention, and the focus of your child. The series is recommended for Kindergarten through 5 th grade. It is nearly impossible to pick a favorite. It is inspiring for kids to see how their experiences can become teaching or learning experiences. Each book is a five star on its own offering a unique, amusing, and insightful experience.  We do recommend them all for summer reading.

Have you and your child read any books in the series?  Let us know if you were able to pick a favorite or what was most inspiring to you. Enjoy!!


Yonette Belinda



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