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This Mother’s Day I am more cognizant and appreciative of the gift of motherhood. I am overwhelmed that God would choose to trust me with a life that is dear to him. I take the responsibility with courage knowing that I am imperfect and being to grow. I’ve grown in faith because I’m not all knowing and can’t protect my child from all harm. I parent from the perspective that I am the gloves that God will choose to wear.  Every day I am compelled to be better.  In honor of Mother’s Day, I would like to dedicate this week’s blog to my daughter.

It may inspire you to take some time throughout the year to write some of your own.


Proverbs from a Mom’s Heart.


  1. When you don’t like what you see, love who you are.
  2. Perfect love is pure and reserves compliments and words that entice. It seeks to know and to be known.
  3. Bless yourself when others curse you so that you never forget who you are.
  4. Pursue truth; live in it and it will light you as you walk through dark days.
  5. Guard your heart well. Be careful and selective about who you let in. Smiles are deceitful and true friendships rare. Every friend that comes is not one sent.
  6. Take a deep breath and surrender to the instructions written upon your heart that was spoken from the mouth of God. There are dreams, goals, meetings, friendships to be had which are divinely planned. Watch for them and listen to your heart.
  7. You are beautiful and rich in spirit. Your countenance is fair and personality bright and energetic. These are just a glimpse of who you are. Wherever your feet tread you leave a trail of joy. It will nourish a fragile spirit and trigger a call to hope. Darkness will hate you because of your light. You will overcome what seeks to overtake you because many prayers and tears have been offered to keep you.
  8. Enjoy you minutes, hours, days, and years. Lace them with smiles and laughter, courage, and hope, and with great expectation.
  9. Always strive to be a student and a teacher. Value , honor and remember the lessons you’ve learned.
  10. The most important question is not what you will be, but “who will you be?”



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