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How is your heart

I’m taking a moment to stop by and ask, ” how is your heart?” So often we get asked “how are you doing?” Our thoughts rush to every occurrence, denial and disappointment. Most of the time we offer a programmed response. So my question “how is your heart” is a moment to check in on what you’ve been doing to honor your value. How do celebrate your value publicly as well as in private. Do you practice forgiveness daily? or have you given any situation in your life a terminal diagnosis? What discoveries have you made lately?

Do you feel alone? Well, I’m familiar with that emotion and I’ll tell you it is not terminal. It feels awful but if you hold on you will discover greatness is breaking through and you are going to be okay. Trust that you’re not random and you have been designed to withstand the external and internal storms. Take courage and take care of your 

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