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From My Heart To Yours

Becoming a mom has been life changing for me. I didn’t fully understand the God kind of Love until I entered the journey of motherhood. It hasn’t been easy to walk this journey and keep my heart clear of the stench of all the residue of trauma, intentional and incidental wounding that come along the way. Life happens to all of us. Isn’t that the truth:). I purpose to encourage someone today. Someone who feels isolated, or perhaps lacking in strength and endurance. Just hold on. The turbulence is temporary. Always love your child and bless them. Don’t let them be found uncovered. Learn to love unconditionally. This is the best investment you’ll ever make and your most important assignment. You’ll not be disappointed.

When my daughter was one, I walked through a traumatic experience that nearly depleted me. I remember sitting down with her to watch one of her favorite shows and suddenly the flood gates were open. I began to weep. My daughter looked at me and began to laugh hysterically. She thought mommy was laughing. It was difficult to keep crying at that point. Her laugh shifted the atmosphere and invited healing into my life. I’ll never forget that moment everything began to shift. As we approach Valentine’s Day remember that love shifts the atmosphere and ushers in healing. So, let it be perfected in and through you. There will be a moment and perhaps several moments where things will shift suddenly for you. There will be moments when it’s gradual and just enough to take you to the next shift. Just keep loving that one entrusted to you and receive their trickles of love they give back to you. I pray you be strengthened and encouraged today🌷🌷🌷


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