A Strong Momma

A Strong Momma Quote

Hey mom! We all have our own definition of strength. What’s yours? My definition has evolved throughout the years. It started long before I became a mom. This quote sums up where I am today. We all need something that will help us in our journey of motherhood. It is one of the most overwhelming responsibilities we’ll ever have. I’ll admit I’ve not always asked for what I needed, and rarely took it when it was in my own reach. I thought my strength was in how much I could carry. Mom, we deserve a moment in each day to check in and really know how we are doing mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. We have immense value and important work to do so we need to constantly assess our investments, and do our needs assessments. We can ask boldly and courageously take what is in our reach. You deserve it and you don’t need to carry one more thing to demonstrate you are strong.📣♥️


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