Push Time


This post was on my heart for some time and I am grateful for the opportunity to share it with you today:). I’ve been thinking of the word 📣push. I honestly believe it is my word for 2019. Most moms hear the word push when giving birth and it is a reminder of a greater purpose in the process that may be tiresome, painful and overwhelming. There are no other options when it is time to push. I’ve given a quick visual and a connection with the word, now I want to present the strategy to push when you feel overwhelmed. 1. P-Perspective: since what you see influences your thoughts you have a choice to move or to be swayed. It is always best to move to a position of elevation. That will allow you to be clear about choices and see past obstacles, limits and isolation. This leads and enables us to step into 2. U-Understanding. Sometimes the weight of our struggle or responsibility requires a deeper level of understanding. It is more than simply knowing. It involves discerning, intimacy and commitment to self and to what you carry. 3. S-Surrender- It is my personal conviction that there are things we cannot accomplish on our own regardless of our abilities. You will obtain them by grace. Finding a place of prayer and simply surrendering our perspective and understanding will lighten the load we carry. Lastly, 4. Choose to hold-on, find help and be honorable. Hold- Hold on to faith and never surrender your hope even if must sit with them alone in silence. Help- Recognize when you need help and find the voice of wisdom. Avoid voices of opinion. We are not meant to walk our journey alone and our strength is not in the suffering, but rather in the reaching and taking hold of what we need. Be honorable and stay in your place of integrity. Honor God. Honor your values and do not violate the boundaries that protect. I know I went very quickly here. Hopefully it has been helpful. There is much to expand upon, but we’ll keep it short for our busy readers. If you want to hear more on this topic or have another that interest you please drop a comment. Have a great weekend.💕


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