Push Time


This post was on my heart for some time and I am grateful for the opportunity to share it with you today:). I’ve been thinking of the word 📣push. I honestly believe it is my word for 2019. Most moms hear the word push when giving birth and it is a reminder of a greater purpose in the process that may be tiresome, painful and overwhelming. There are no other options when it is time to push. I’ve given a quick visual and a connection with the word, now I want to present the strategy to push when you feel overwhelmed. 1. P-Perspective: since what you see influences your thoughts you have a choice to move or to be swayed. It is always best to move to a position of elevation. That will allow you to be clear about choices and see past obstacles, limits and isolation. This leads and enables us to step into 2. U-Understanding. Sometimes the weight of our struggle or responsibility requires a deeper level of understanding. It is more than simply knowing. It involves discerning, intimacy and commitment to self and to what you carry. 3. S-Surrender- It is my personal conviction that there are things we cannot accomplish on our own regardless of our abilities. You will obtain them by grace. Finding a place of prayer and simply surrendering our perspective and understanding will lighten the load we carry. Lastly, 4. Choose to hold-on, find help and be honorable. Hold- Hold on to faith and never surrender your hope even if must sit with them alone in silence. Help- Recognize when you need help and find the voice of wisdom. Avoid voices of opinion. We are not meant to walk our journey alone and our strength is not in the suffering, but rather in the reaching and taking hold of what we need. Be honorable and stay in your place of integrity. Honor God. Honor your values and do not violate the boundaries that protect. I know I went very quickly here. Hopefully it has been helpful. There is much to expand upon, but we’ll keep it short for our busy readers. If you want to hear more on this topic or have another that interest you please drop a comment. Have a great weekend.💕


A Strong Momma

A Strong Momma Quote

Hey mom! We all have our own definition of strength. What’s yours? My definition has evolved throughout the years. It started long before I became a mom. This quote sums up where I am today. We all need something that will help us in our journey of motherhood. It is one of the most overwhelming responsibilities we’ll ever have. I’ll admit I’ve not always asked for what I needed, and rarely took it when it was in my own reach. I thought my strength was in how much I could carry. Mom, we deserve a moment in each day to check in and really know how we are doing mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. We have immense value and important work to do so we need to constantly assess our investments, and do our needs assessments. We can ask boldly and courageously take what is in our reach. You deserve it and you don’t need to carry one more thing to demonstrate you are strong.📣♥️


Rx Hope

From My Heart To Yours

Becoming a mom has been life changing for me. I didn’t fully understand the God kind of Love until I entered the journey of motherhood. It hasn’t been easy to walk this journey and keep my heart clear of the stench of all the residue of trauma, intentional and incidental wounding that come along the way. Life happens to all of us. Isn’t that the truth:). I purpose to encourage someone today. Someone who feels isolated, or perhaps lacking in strength and endurance. Just hold on. The turbulence is temporary. Always love your child and bless them. Don’t let them be found uncovered. Learn to love unconditionally. This is the best investment you’ll ever make and your most important assignment. You’ll not be disappointed.

When my daughter was one, I walked through a traumatic experience that nearly depleted me. I remember sitting down with her to watch one of her favorite shows and suddenly the flood gates were open. I began to weep. My daughter looked at me and began to laugh hysterically. She thought mommy was laughing. It was difficult to keep crying at that point. Her laugh shifted the atmosphere and invited healing into my life. I’ll never forget that moment everything began to shift. As we approach Valentine’s Day remember that love shifts the atmosphere and ushers in healing. So, let it be perfected in and through you. There will be a moment and perhaps several moments where things will shift suddenly for you. There will be moments when it’s gradual and just enough to take you to the next shift. Just keep loving that one entrusted to you and receive their trickles of love they give back to you. I pray you be strengthened and encouraged today🌷🌷🌷


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How is your heart

I’m taking a moment to stop by and ask, ” how is your heart?” So often we get asked “how are you doing?” Our thoughts rush to every occurrence, denial and disappointment. Most of the time we offer a programmed response. So my question “how is your heart” is a moment to check in on what you’ve been doing to honor your value. How do celebrate your value publicly as well as in private. Do you practice forgiveness daily? or have you given any situation in your life a terminal diagnosis? What discoveries have you made lately?

Do you feel alone? Well, I’m familiar with that emotion and I’ll tell you it is not terminal. It feels awful but if you hold on you will discover greatness is breaking through and you are going to be okay. Trust that you’re not random and you have been designed to withstand the external and internal storms. Take courage and take care of your 

Proverbs From A Mother’s Heart


Mom's Proverbs

This Mother’s Day I am more cognizant and appreciative of the gift of motherhood. I am overwhelmed that God would choose to trust me with a life that is dear to him. I take the responsibility with courage knowing that I am imperfect and being to grow. I’ve grown in faith because I’m not all knowing and can’t protect my child from all harm. I parent from the perspective that I am the gloves that God will choose to wear.  Every day I am compelled to be better.  In honor of Mother’s Day, I would like to dedicate this week’s blog to my daughter.

It may inspire you to take some time throughout the year to write some of your own.


Proverbs from a Mom’s Heart.


  1. When you don’t like what you see, love who you are.
  2. Perfect love is pure and reserves compliments and words that entice. It seeks to know and to be known.
  3. Bless yourself when others curse you so that you never forget who you are.
  4. Pursue truth; live in it and it will light you as you walk through dark days.
  5. Guard your heart well. Be careful and selective about who you let in. Smiles are deceitful and true friendships rare. Every friend that comes is not one sent.
  6. Take a deep breath and surrender to the instructions written upon your heart that was spoken from the mouth of God. There are dreams, goals, meetings, friendships to be had which are divinely planned. Watch for them and listen to your heart.
  7. You are beautiful and rich in spirit. Your countenance is fair and personality bright and energetic. These are just a glimpse of who you are. Wherever your feet tread you leave a trail of joy. It will nourish a fragile spirit and trigger a call to hope. Darkness will hate you because of your light. You will overcome what seeks to overtake you because many prayers and tears have been offered to keep you.
  8. Enjoy you minutes, hours, days, and years. Lace them with smiles and laughter, courage, and hope, and with great expectation.
  9. Always strive to be a student and a teacher. Value , honor and remember the lessons you’ve learned.
  10. The most important question is not what you will be, but “who will you be?”



Yonette Belinda, Author


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Our Review Of The Gracie Series

Gracie Series Review

We’ve just read the last book in the Gracie Series, (that is the last one to date) by author Grace Lajoy Henderson.  We are excited to share our thoughts about the six books in the series. We are hoping that there would be more to come. So, you can already tell that we LOVED it! The Gracie Series consists of six books: Popcorn Behind the Bush, Cake in My Shoe, Water in His Face, Math on the Table, I Trimmed My Edges, and Puppy Ate My Shorts!  Each story was inspired by entertaining memories from the author’s own life. The author also created the illustrations for all her books.  My daughter Hannah is serious about reading and has some unique standards she bides by. There have been many times we’ve had to stop and pick out a new book because she was just not interested or did not connect with the story. I am not sure which is the first book in the series however, our first read was “Math on the Table”.  After reading the first book I was pleasantly surprised at how a simple story could grab our attention and focus. It was presented with humor and a youthful perspective which was refreshing.  As I looked at my daughter’s facial expressions I noticed that she was focused on the story and connected with main character. She especially enjoyed the questions that came after the stories and looked forward to hearing them.  The author Grace Lajoy Henderson brilliantly executed the discussion question to draw out the teaching points.  When you read with your child at home it will offer an opportunity to have important conversations in a light-hearted manner.

Overall it was an engaging experience and we are certain that it will keep the attention, and the focus of your child. The series is recommended for Kindergarten through 5 th grade. It is nearly impossible to pick a favorite. It is inspiring for kids to see how their experiences can become teaching or learning experiences. Each book is a five star on its own offering a unique, amusing, and insightful experience.  We do recommend them all for summer reading.

Have you and your child read any books in the series?  Let us know if you were able to pick a favorite or what was most inspiring to you. Enjoy!!


Yonette Belinda



The Big Chop

The Big Chop Blog Title

Have you ever had the big chop?  I recently made the choice to have one after much hesitation.  After a season of immense stress, I had been hit hard with some physical manifestation of long term stress. The damage to my hair was one of the most obvious but less serious symptoms.  For some women the big chop is no big deal at all, but for some of us we struggle all the way to the last snip. As I sat in the chair and watch the transformation process my emotions were all over the place. I’ll be honest and say that I was concerned about what I would look like, and how my actions were going to be perceived. The reality was that I needed to get to a heathy state, and to do that I had to rid my head of everything that was unhealthy and began again.

A few hours after having my hair cut I went to pick up my daughter from school. I waited for her to announce that she noticed something was different. Surprisingly this did not happen immediately.  It took about 20 mins.  After picking her up we went to lunch with Grandma and grandpa. When I left her seated with them and went up to the register to change an order she hesitated to come to me. Upon my return to the table she said, “I didn’t know if you were my mom, so I didn’t come to you”. “You didn’t look like my mom”.  Well, I reassure her that I am still mommy but with a new look.

As I process the decision of the big chop, and the entire experience I looked for the wisdom to extract and to share.  I’ve gotten myself into the habit of using my life experiences to become a learning and teaching opportunity.

I realized that:

  1. It takes one decision and one choice to make a person appear unrecognizable.
  2. Shedding and separating ourselves from what is unhealthy presents the opportunity for growth.
  3. We make choices in the midst, and not based on fear to move towards transformation.
  4. What you are becoming outweighs what you look like right now.

If a decision causes you hesitation. I pray you have the courage to make a choice and step towards unimaginable growth, and presence.  Everyone will not understand your need to separate yourself from what is not life-giving and uplifting. It is just not possible to stop and explain your why behind every choice if you want to progress. Take courage for your journey.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by:)


Yonette Belinda


Becoming Resilient


resilient pic.jpg

Becoming Resilient

Resilience is the inner strength and the ability to cope with stressful situations that life throws at us.  Building inner strength requires actions or thoughts that you practice, such as planning for what to do next and learning to accept change. Inner strength can help you endure challenges.  Now the most important question to ask would be how does one endure the process of becoming resilient? We can’t plan for every challenge.  There are all different kinds of valleys in life and knowing an individual’s experience in a valley is not possible. Even if you may have had a similar valley or experience you cannot feel their impact. It would also be difficult to say what you should be equipped to withstand.  So, the process of developing resilient looks different for all but there are some tools, or disciplines that we all can use.


I’d like to offer a few tools that have helped me along the way in my journey of becoming more resilient:


  1. Prayer/Faith- Prayer helps you to get still and quiet anxieties. Acknowledging someone much greater than ourselves and our circumstance is liberating. It helps us to remove ourselves from a position of helplessness, and hopelessness, and exalt One who is greater.
  2. Perseverance- Be determined to see a positive outcome or a better day. Even if you have moments of deep despair you can decide at any point to be courageous and embrace hope again.
  3. Love- more specifically self-love. Self-love is a challenge for some, but not for all. If self-love is not a struggle practice and perfect it especially in times of emotional challenge.  It affirms your value. Now, you may feel unloved and quite honestly, I’ve been there. It does not matter how many times you hear I love you, if you don’t love yourself, it is difficult to receive. Self-love will help you persevere as you never let go of seeing yourself as deserving of a new and better day.
  4. Get to know your strengths and weaknesses and purpose to strengthen your weak places.


You’re going to have moments of disappointment and dejection where you don’t utilize the tools, plan of defense, or disciplines to help you stay resilience.  This tends to happen when you’ve been confronted with the unexpected; it’s been a long opposing challenge or a series of traumatic events that you’ve not had the opportunity to rest and recover.  It is in those times you may want to surround yourself with individuals who are resilient, encouraging, and hopeful.   In moments I’ve experience defeat this has been a source of recharge.  It is my hope that you never let go of hope.


Thank you for taking time to read my Blog.  Have an amazing week!


Yontte Belinda




The Magnificent In-Between Space


That Magnificent In-Between Space

How can you write the book you’ve been wanting to write? How can you go back to school when you ‘re working full time? How do you get it all done when you’re a single mom, and you’ve got limited resources of support? How can anyone create and grow a business while still working a 40 plus hour work week schedule?  A few months ago, I had someone tell me “you should write a book about how you get it all done.” I thought about the comment and honestly had the same question for myself. I really didn’t think I really was getting it all done. There was a level of frustration I felt because I knew where I wanted to be and wanted so desperately to get there.  How can I do this? A question I often ask myself.  It is so interesting when feel like you’re struggling that someone can have a completely different perspective of where you are. It’s very interesting in deed. I can give my philosophical perspectives on why it presents that way but quite honestly your perspective of where you are now is the only one that matters in this moment. It matters because it will either help you, or it can hinder you in navigating in what I call that magnificent in-between space. The in-between space of where you are right now, and that place you see, desire and are purposed to be.

Let me clarify the details of what I call the Magnificent in-between space:


  1. It is the vision for your life that you can articulate. It is not exactly an in-between space unless the place you are going to, and desire to be is clearly conceived. If you cannot define or articulate where it is you are going you may be misplaced.  Being lost or having that feeling of being misplaced is not entirely a bad thing. You may embark on the best adventure of your lifetime but there’s no guarantees that will happen. It is important to have the awareness that you are misplaced so you know that at a certain point you’d have to seek out redirection, or support to get you on course to where you decide that you need or want to be.


  1. The in-between space is a place of commitment to endure the process to realize the vision. It is not an in-between space if you ‘ve not considered what it will cost you before you step-out. It may likely be a try, or a stumble upon instead. We’ve all had a try at something or a stumble into something. Whatever it was you tried or stumble into, somewhere in your mind you had your reservations. You may have decided that it may not be a continued focus, and you’ll wait to see what happens.  It is important to note that a try should not be devalued as it is pregnant with the potential of igniting a commitment. However, it is a possibility which offers options and not a marriage to the attempt.


  1. The in-between space is a place you’ve chosen to be, and it was not a state forced upon you. It is not an in-between space when you are in a space where you feel obligated to fulfill an expectation of another.  I know this space very well and when I lived in it I had no idea what it was.  For many years I felt restless even after all my achievements. I remember, nights and days, struggling with thoughts and questions about what I was truly called to do. It may be surprising to some, but I didn’t think I had the privilege to want anything else but a good formal education because after all my parents did not have this opportunity. It would be dishonoring (I believed) to live beyond what I thought they expected of me. Living in a space where you are driven by obligation to an expectation of another is a surrendering of your own unique-value, and a surrendering of your divine God given purpose.


So, knowing this magnificent in—between space will help answer the questions I posed at the top of my post. How do we accomplish what we purpose to do despite the opposition? When we’ve lived in other spaces that we never want to return to and have been given the vision of where we belong there are no other options. It honestly overwhelms me to look at the enormity of the journey.  I don’t consider myself as being more capable than another in managing the experience we call life. Sometime the tears come, and I have a cry out session, pray through it, and then I move on to being brave. Forgoing the time line of when I believe I should leave that in-between space I grace through the magnificent in- between one moment at a time.

Thank you for taking the time to read!

Yonette Belinda


A Time To Be Silent


A Time To Be Silent

Have You Considered Silence in A Moment of Weakness? Have you ever stooped yourself before saying something in a moment that you know it would not be delicately placed in the ears of another, or it may come across as being offensive? Perhaps you were angry, hurt or filled with an emotion that seemed to have overwhelmed you in the moment, and your better judgment cautioned you to remain silent. Well, I’ve had those moments. The truth is those moments were in my interactions with others but less likely with myself. Somehow it seems that when it comes to self I am less forgiving and seem not to take the caution I exercise with others for myself. Lately, I have been thinking about that a lot because I’ve been greatly convicted about the words I speak to myself.

I caught myself even speaking some very unkind things like “You need to get it together” and “Why aren’t you getting it right”. Now I will admit that these are not the worst words I’ve uttered to myself and yes, I am now being very cautious with what I say in speech. Even those things that were uttered by another that seemed to inflict a pain so deep in our hearts may tempt us to speak as if we are undeserving of grace. I do believe that if we personally do not debunk these personal attacks it will devour our thoughts and settle into our hearts. It is possible that we could believe them and then repeat it to ourselves. We all need grace, and more grace for our journey.

Perhaps you may not know what grace looks like, or it has been difficult to receive. Grace offers favor, kindness, compassion and uncovers something redeemable in the worst of circumstances.  As beautiful as all that sounds it is yet difficult to receive at the times when one feels undeserving. In some circumstance grace can be rejected because it’s opposite has been a constant companion that is preferred because it is more familiar.

Here are 5 Reasons to Consider Silence in A Moment Of Weakness, and embrace your moment of grace:


1. You avoid an attack on character when the matter is all about a circumstance.

2. You avoid rash judgments that can create false ideas.

3. You facilitate the healing and restoration of the heart.

4. You stay on a fruitful path. You word is your integrity and will draw the path to where your feet go.

5. You increase the capacity to forgive and receive forgiveness to be able to live optimally.


So, it seems beneficial to be mindful and aware of what is spoken, particularly when one is feeling challenged, fatigued, discouraged or in a difficult passing circumstance. I offer for consideration that sometimes your silence will preserve you.  Will you consider silence in a moment of weakness?

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. Please let me know your thoughts.  You can like and share if it has helped in any way:).

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Have a wonderful week.


Yonette Belinda, Author