Yonette Belinda

Thank you for taking the time to visit my page. My name is Yonette and I am the daughter of hard working parents who have demonstrated disciple, strong
work ethic , and attitude of services to others.  I believe that the work we do should nurture us as we serve.  It should not strip us of our values and personal desires but fulfill a divine purpose.   You know you are living your purpose when the process of work is life giving and compels you on.  While I enjoyed serving others, after many years of service  I realized that  l neglected to nurture my self, and clarify my own desires. We all have the choice to live up to expectation or to live out our purpose. There is tremendous value and reward in serving, and how we choose to do it truly matters.   
After becoming a mom and introducing my daughter to books, I was greatly inspired to author children’s books. I wrote and published three books in 2017. This was a fun, and rewarding experience because I was able to involve my daughter in the process. I also won the Mom’s Choice Gold seal for my first published work, “We are Joined at the Heart”. It was throughout the process of writing that I discovered that there was much more that I would like to accomplish. When you cannot sleep because your dreams keep stirring you to wakefulness, taking action is the best therapy.
I wish you the very best in your journey!


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