I Love Me: A love for every girl

Beauty should not be described by a single image or held to a finite description. There is beauty in every person, although perhaps it is left unseen because of confidence lost or not nurtured. I Love Me: A Love for Every Girl testifies of every girl’s potential, her greatness, and priceless worth. The character has a unique beauty, which needs to be seen by every girl. Her message to every girl is that she is gifted with a unique and intentional design by her creator. That greater purpose is revealed as she grows. Our character encourages confidence in one’s appearance, identity, value, and purpose. She teaches that every girl is unique and beautiful just as she is. She is beautiful before she puts on the glitter and decorative accessories that are appealing to the eyes. Her internal beauty outshines her outward adornment. She should not be compared to any other individual because she is a one of a kind being created for a special purpose. Her worth is beyond the image the she and others see.

As our character grows, she learns to expect to change and confidently vow to accept how she looks as she changes. She encourages girls to love and accept themselves and realize that they were created to be seen and to affect the world in a significant way. As girls step out and embrace themselves they will affect positive change. Every girl learns that she also has special gifts that were given to her, and she is to use them because they are needed and are part of a greater plan. It is hoped that every girl who hears or reads its message would be encouraged to accept that they are going to be different and that their difference matters and is also necessary. Most importantly, personal differences and the uniqueness of other girls are to be praised, without forgoing the love of self.



–Yonette Belinda





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The Busiest Buzz Buzz Bee

This is an engaging children’s book for early readers. It is a delightful story about a boy who imagines himself being a bee, and all he would do. His story captures and celebrates the untamed imagination of a child. It is a story that is also meant to inspire self-assurance by showing that confidence and creative thinking will unlock many possibilities, and take you on an unforgettable journey.

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We Are Joined At the Heart

We are Joined at the Heart” is a story of unconditional deep abiding love. You are loved with a love that seeks! A love that comes without condition, limit, conflict, or regret. A deep abiding, constant love that would always embrace to dispel all shame. A love that changes everything for the better. As you enjoy this story and find your story in the pages search for the hearts that are hidden in each illustration.

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